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Organic waste in landfills generates, methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By composting wasted food and other organics, methane emissions are significantly reduced. Compost reduces and in some cases eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers. Composting recycles essential nutrients back into the soil and promotes healthy plant growth

Currently available options in our town are:

1. Backyard composting which is driven by the individual. 

There are many type of composters available.

Essex country offers this composter sale, here is the link for that.

2. Paid service like Java that can pick up from your home. Java also has a consulting service for backyard composting. 

This link has more details on that.

3. Sign up with town’s recycling program.

For just 50$ a year, you can signup for town's composting program.

For any questions on signup, please contact

Check out video for more details,

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