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Our Work

Take a look below to see some of Millburn For Climate Action's past initiatives.



July 2023

There are some special planters at the Shorthills parking lot. They are special because they have native plants that support the native bees and other pollinators. Also special about the planters are they save tax payers money as the plants will come back again next spring. If you are near the station next, admire them, take photos and share on social media. Let’s celebrate Millburn Explore who trusted Millburn for climate Action group to bring this change.  Thanks to the numerous members of Millburn for climate action who helped to make this happen from design to potting and watering the plants. Hoping we will have more of these win-win pots in town.


Native Plant Sale

In July 2023, the Millburn For Climate Action Group hosted a Native Plant Sale at the Millburn Public Library. The group ended up giving away 500+ native plants including milkweed, native grasses, and more.

A big thank you to our amazing library director Mr. Banick who supported the native plant swap. 50 young adults were able to swap more than 500 native plants to build Millburn's eco system. We need more adults to support this cause.



Town Hall Event

Residents gathered in 2019 for a town hall meeting focused on environmental awareness to discuss urgent environmental challenges. Student presentations on climate change, air and water quality, and waste management were presented at the event. Participants engaged in conversation, expressed problems, and looked into local sustainability solutions. This event galvanized the community's dedication to environmental stewardship and prompted ongoing activities toward a greener future.


Wyoming School Planters

During the summer, high school students in Wyoming engaged in a community project aimed at improving the school's surroundings. The project involved the construction of planters as part of a broader maintenance initiative. The construction process, spanning several weeks, included meticulous planning, material selection, and hands-on work. The completed planters added a touch of greenery and beauty to the school environment, showcasing the positive impact that collaborative efforts can have on a community. 

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